DIY Bullet Necklace (via Runway

This is a cool little project that I think my son would actually get into.

God knows I’ve got enough spent casings around. I also think that we could really do a lot with both spent casings and ‘inert’ bullets as well. May be an interesting weekend project.

DIY Bullet Necklace   My long lost west coast friend Emma is coming to visit from LA this weekend and this post is dedicated to her. Emma introduced me to UNEARTHEN, sneakily hinted my boyfriend into buying me one for my birthday, and also dutifully collected these bullet casings for me at a real shooting range. That’s a real friend. If you don’t have a friend to collect casings for you, you can also buy them here. Follow the easy tutorial below to make bullets into … Read More

via Runway


~ by Normanomicon on July 1, 2011.

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