We have a zoo in our backyard

Heard in the dinning room:
Wife: we have a zoo in our back yard.
Me: yup.

A little bit of clarification here.

Over the past week or two we have seen the following:

Owl (heard more than seen)
Other birds of all kinds
Deer (at least 4)
Groundhogs (family of at least 3)
Rabbits (I can’t count that high)
Squirrels (again, I can’t count that high)
Neighbors dog
A cat or two
Bats (again, more of a heard than seen)

And who knows what else. So yeah, we’ve got a strange little zoo going on.

But luckily, nothing has really gotten into our garden thanks to the work we did last summer putting the permanent fence up. 🙂


~ by Normanomicon on July 19, 2011.

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