Bacon Is The New Black (via Bake Love Not War)

Mmmmmm, bacon…

And this time from a bacon lover from the southern continent.  I’ve at least seen most of the items that she has listed, but the Nutella on bacon is a new twist.  I think I may have to try that one in the very near future.  And the bacon toffee just looks fantastic.

Bacon Is The New Black Most of us quite like bacon. We have it all the time – on our pizza, with scrambled eggs, or on a sandwich. But how about bacon in baked goods? In America it’s all the rage, apparently, although for most of us South Africans it still seems like an odd idea indeed. Here are some examples salty-sweet bacon treats from across the internet, which will probably either inspire or horrify you. I am quite keen to try bacon maple cupcakes some time, I thi … Read More

via Bake Love Not War


~ by Normanomicon on July 26, 2011.

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