Apple + Barnes & Nobles = Win?


An unproven source has relayed several things to MacRumors.  That iTunes 11 would be released in September along with iOS 5 and iCloud, and will support reading iBooks on computers as well as textbook purchases and rentals.  I don’t know if I believe all of that, but I’d believe that iOs5 and iTunes 11 in September quicker than believing that they’re going to be buying B&N.  I agree that if they wanted to purchase a large bookseller, Borders would have been perfect for them, but who knows, I’ve been wrong before.

Head on over to MacRumors and check out the entire story:

It’s unclear what Apple would gain from such a purchase. B&N has more than 700 stores plus another 600 college bookstores, as well as decent digital penetration with its own eBookstore and Nook e-reader.


Barnes & Noble is currently trading with a market cap just above $1b, which would be a very small dent in Apple’s $76 billion cash pile, though the price would obviously be higher as a takeover premium.


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