My #bbqtweetup2 pig candy adventure…

We were invited to a BBQ Tweetup this weekend and I mentioned on Twitter that I was thinking of making pig candy.  For those of you who are not aware of what pig candy is, it’s basically caramelized or ‘candied’ bacon.  I had read about it on multiple web sites out there and think I’ve even done a post on it before.  So I apologize right up front if I don’t credit any specific web site for it.

After some prodding, I decided to go ahead and just take the plunge and make some.  Never having done it before, I wanted to try it out tonight to make sure I got it right.  It’s a fairly simple recipe and most anyone can make it with little to no cooking skills.

I headed down to Karns and picked up a few pounds of bacon ends.  According to a few different places I’ve read about this before, you are supposed to use full strips of bacon, but I think for the real effect, bacon ends were going to do just fine.

I ended up picking up 7 pounds of bacon ends (hey, it was on sale for $1.00 a pound) and figured I could make some bacon biscuits with it if I didn’t like how the first batch turned out.

Total, I grabbed bacon, pepper, light brown sugar (probably would have tasted better with dark brown) and coarse sea salt.

I placed the brown sugar and pepper in a 1.5 qt plastic ziplock freezer bag along with the bacon.

After tossing and kneading the brown sugar and pepper mixture into the bacon, I pulled it out and arranged it on a baking pan and rack lined with aluminum foil.

Placed the whole thing into a preheated oven at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.

After they were done, the house was filled with the WONDERFUL aroma of bacon and carmel and they looked great.  I pulled them out of the oven, let them cool for a few minutes, then placed them in a deep pan lined with wax paper (layered actually) and LIGHTLY sprinkled with the coarse sea salt.

I don’t know if any of this stuff is going to make it to the BBQ tomorrow.  I know if it was up to my son none of it would.  It’s DEFINITELY Mitchell approved.  🙂

If there’s no pig candy at the BBQ tomorrow, you know we decided to keep it all to ourselves.  😉

Please let me know if you’ve attempted this before and if so, how you made it and how it turned out.  I know one thing I’m going to do with the next batch is to remove the raised racks and let the bacon simmer in the carmel that’s left at the bottom, that way it’ll get nice and wet, then harden up into some NICE candy.  That and we won’t waste all that good carmel.

Oh, and for those of you not familiar with what a Tweetup is, it’s an event where a bunch of friends on Twitter get together in real life to do something like a BBQ or a ‘drink up’ or a picnic, or other event.

~ by Normanomicon on July 29, 2011.

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