A SERIOUS geek out on mathmatics (via What’s new)

Yup, every once in a blue moon I’ll turn to something that makes most peoples heads spin. I’m DEFINITELY NOT a mathematician, but I have gone through geometry, trigonometry, algebra, etc.

I can make out some of these equations, but some of them are WAY over my head. Still it’s an interesting read.

A geometric proof of the impossibility of angle trisection by straightedge and compass One of the most well known problems from ancient Greek mathematics was that of trisecting an angle by straightedge and compass, which was eventually proven impossible in 1837 by Pierre Wantzel, using methods from Galois theory. Formally, one can set up the problem as follows. Define a configuration to be a finite collection {{mathcal C}} of points, lines, and circles in the Euclidean plane. Define a construction step to be … Read More

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~ by Normanomicon on August 12, 2011.

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