#Irene Afterthoughts

I have a few thoughts on the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and am not in a position to blog fully about them till the power comes back on. I can safely say without a doubt that most of my neighbors and probably most of Central Pennsylvania is definitely not ready for extended periods of time without power.

More on this when power comes back on and I can use my computer to put my thoughts down better.


~ by Normanomicon on August 28, 2011.

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  1. I agree – my folks lose power constantly and have a generator. A neighbor has a log of how often they’ve lost power (and for how long it’s been out). They’ve gone numerous times to the power company about it. (it’s a sunny day with little wind and they’ll be without power for a few hrs). The power company has told them to just deal with it — it ain’t gonna change. Yet more and more permits are issued to build more and more homes “up on the mountain”. The worst was 9 days without power a few winters ago. That’s 9 days without a hot shower, without being able to flush the commode without using a bucket of water to “force it” to flush — things we take for granted. At least they don’t have an electric started on their gas stove, so they could still cook. And that was just after a snowstorm that most of the county recovered from within a few hrs (if they had to recover at all). At least then it was winter so they could put their frozen stuff outside =) So, the folks of central PA might be able to handle it – but the power company can’t handle wind storms, ice storms and general rain showers now — i think they’d be ill equipped in a longer emergency situation. They appear to have not done much to protect (or improve) the infrastructure now…..

  2. My area had power knocked out for 1-5 days from Ike a few years ago. It was remarkable how crazy things got after such a short time without power.

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