How To Lose A Phone in 10 Hours (via Gin & Lemonade)

You know, I’ve done a few of the same things when my phone has grown legs. I’ve called it over and over again, I’ve had someone else call it, I’ve used the find my iPhone feature. Usually that last one though doesn’t help because it tells me it’s in the house somewhere, so until it get’s down to within a foot of the location accurately, I don’t think it’s going to help much.

I can say however that I’m usually in control of my phone 99.99% of the time. It’s usually either in my pocket, on the side table beside my chair, on my desk in my office or in my hands. I listen to podcasts in my car off of it, so if I happen to leave it in my office, I end up running back in right away to grab it.

It’s my primary point of contact (house phone is currently forwarded to my cell phone due to un-forseen circumstances at home), my primary e-mail browser, minor form of entertainment and generally first line of contact for web browsing quick while I’m out or if I need to and I’m not in front of my computer.  Not to mention my primary portal for Facebook , Twitter and a plethora of over social media sites.

Either way, here’s to hoping you find your phone if you happen to have one that grows legs on you. 🙂

How To Lose A Phone in 10 Hours Let’s say you forgot your phone somewhere. Left it on your desk at work/in your locker/in a field/dropped it down a toilet. This is what you might do while you waited to retrieve your phone, if you were in this purely hypothetical situation: Call it.  Five times.   To make sure it isn’t in the house.  Curse silent-mode.  Stare at your bag, where your phone should be.   Lift the  bag and call your phone again, to see if you can ‘feel the vibration … Read More

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