Hard Drives and Updates…

Here’s the dilemma.

You’re working on a server.  Trying to run database and log file backups in preparation for needed software update.


You get a notice that the hard drive is almost full.  You look and lo and behold, the server has like 11K left on the hard drive.

However, on the secondary hard drive It’s got 800 Gig free on a 1 Terabyte drive???

Ok, if you’re only going to put a 40 or 50 Gig drive as your primary and have a 1 Terabyte drive as your secondary, WHY would you not put the secondary programs that are going to eat up TONS of hard drive space on the secondary drive?

Or at least put the data stores on the secondary drive?

Or better yet, why not put a bigger drive or a larger partition as the primary???  Especially when you can get CHEAP drive space?

Now, when your trying to update and upgrade stuff, you end up with dealing with moving backup files, moving log files, and in some cases moving to an entirely new server all together to be able to install software that is needed.

Anywho, just spewing some thoughts out there.  Don’t mind me, just venting.

~ by Normanomicon on September 22, 2011.

One Response to “Hard Drives and Updates…”

  1. Quality imaging tools are a dime a dozen, and storage is so cheap it’s practically disposable. I understand there are obvious challenges in dumping additional storage onto a live server in a non-clustered environment, but they’re not as bad as the challenges in having 11K of disk space left! Why do people get so stingy with their drives?

    Hell, just because of this post, I think I’m gonna upgrade my home desktop to 9TB RAID 10!

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