It’s called ‘The Hole in the Wall’ (via All Write)

You know, I’ve had a few of these experiences.

One of them was the Glass Lounge in Harrisburg. I kept hearing about how they had the best steaks, but looked like a hole in the wall. Well, my wife and I decided to try it (a WHILE back) and yup, it looked like it should have probably been on the hit list for the department of health. But let me tell you, I had probably the absolute best steak EVER there. I’m sure they’ve cleaned themselves up and I’m pretty sure they’ve still got great steak. I’ll have to get down there and give them another shot.

But I have also been on the other end of things, where I’m told that this place looks like it should be condemned, but has the best ‘whatever’ food. Yup, I walked in suspicious but open minded, and ended up finding out that it was probably the absolute worst place on the planet. I think it was somewhere in St Louis, don’t quite remember, but all I know is after I took the first few bites, paid the check and hi-tailed it all the way to somewhere I knew was going to be at least edible.

If I’m ever in Hagerstown again (which I may just say screw it and go for a road trip) I’ll definitely have to check this place out.

It’s called ‘The Hole in the Wall’ I spent the weekend in Hagerstown, MD with some very dear friends. At 9:30 on Friday night, we piled in the car to go to Krumpe’s Do-Nuts. Krumpe’s is an institution in Hagerstown, but when the family described going down an alley to get to it and that the shop was in the back of a home, I was worried about what I would see and what I would have to eat. My worries were relieved when I saw the long line leading into Krumpe’s and then tasted their … Read More

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~ by Normanomicon on September 22, 2011.

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