!WARNING! FRAUD ALERT PH# (989) 854-2368

WARNING! This is a FRAUD ALERT for phone number (989) 854-2368!

I just received a phone call from this number.  It originates in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and the carrier is Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.  I answered and heard:

Hello, this is your credit card company calling.  There is currently no problems with your account but we wanted to let you know that you are elligible to lower your interest rate.  Again, there’s nothing wrong with your account, we just want to help you lower your interest rate.  Please press 1 and be ready to enter your credit card and account information to help us determine how low your interest rate will drop.

At this point, I hung up.  They already had my phone number, they weren’t getting anything else.

Now, I don’t know ANY credit card company that uses a cell phone company to run their business through, so that right there is SCREAMING “I’m going to give you the shaft”.  A few other things are:

  • They don’t mention ‘what’ credit card
  • They don’t mention you by name
  • They tell you that there’s no problem with your account
  • They want you to enter your credit card and account information for more details
There are a few people out there that will follow the instructions and enter their information.  Well, it only takes a few elderly couples that are looking to save money that will end up getting shafted by these psychos.  And once they get taken, they’re done.
Just passing along the information, make sure no one that you know get’s screwed by this scam.

~ by Normanomicon on October 7, 2011.

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