It’s My Casket and I’ll Die If I Want To (via All Write)

I’ve got to give it to him, he’s got this one nailed down.

My dad has always said that he just wants a cardboard box and I pretty much feel the same way.  Why are you wasting good money on me after I’m dead.  I’m dead, it doesn’t matter.  Put me in a cardboard fridge box (you know the box from the new fridge you got with the money you saved by not buying me that top of the line casket) and drop me in a hole.  Ok, well, maybe ‘rent’ one for the viewing, etc, but after that, just drop me in.  There’s better things to spend money on, like my son, taking care of some of the bills that are probably left over from the hospital (since social security is probably a myth by the time I get that old) etc.  Anyhow, if Harper doesn’t mind, I think I’ll be borrowing this letter to put in along with my will.

It’s My Casket and I’ll Die If I Want To:

I have left a large envelope for my wife to open in the event of my death. It contains instructions about finances and other decisions that she might need to make. One item in the envelope is a letter that I want her to hand to the funeral home director when she sits down with him to discuss the purchase of my casket. In its entirety, here is the content of that letter:

Dear Mr. Funeral Home Director:

I have asked my wife to hand this letter to you so that I might indicate my preference for a casket. I have told my wife not to discuss this matter further with you, but to simply tell you to fulfill my wishes to the letter and then to leave. She will not debate with you over this.

Read the whole thing over at All Write:


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  1. The letter is yours! I like the fridge box idea. Plus, every time my wife opens the fridge door, she can think of me! Another idea I like is the body farm in Tennessee. I wouldn’t mind scientists watching me decay and taking notes. It would be nice to be useful even after I’m gone!

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