Stupid is as stupid does

Yeah, there ought to be a law.  Oh, wait, there is, it’s called natural selection.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, so view the video then read the comments…


Let’s break this down.

  • He’s using a shotgun at close range
  • He really can’t hit much
  • He had not one but two misfires
  • What do you do?  Hey, I know, let’s look down the barrel!

And he apparently can’t hit the side of a barn at point blank range either because he missed his head.

What kind of stupid, ignorant nut job looks down the barrel of a loaded weapon that misfired?  Apparetnly this guy did.  But not only did he look down the barrel and almost get his own head shot off, HE POSTED THE VIDEO!!!  It’s nut jobs like this that make it easy for gun law freaks to do their job.

What, is he posting a video of what NOT to do?  Did he think it was funny after the fact?

Sorry, this type of behavior with a weapon is unacceptable.  I just hope and pray that he doesn’t have children.  And if he does, I pray they never get anywhere near firearms.  And to top it off, he’s probably the type of guy that wants to use an AR or an AK to hunt with.

This dude really gives gun enthusiasts like myself and a lot of my friends a bad name.  You ask anyone and they’ll tell you, I’m all about barrel safety, where I’m pointing the barrel, what’s in front of me, what’s around me, even when the weapon’s not loaded.

The only time I’ve EVER looked down the barrel is while the weapon is empty, the barrel has been removed from the weapon, I’ve put a cleaning rod through it several times and I’ve got a barrel light at the other end of it.  This dude just needs to get a clue.

Sorry for the lack of real coherent thought here, this guy just makes me want to shout, scream and stomp around…

~ by Normanomicon on October 20, 2011.

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