Research shows Exercise curbs obesity…

REALLY?  They actually had to do a freaking study on the effects of exercise on obesity?

I want in on this type of funding here.  I want someone to give me money to study the effects that eating has on curbing hunger.  How about that one.  Or ooo, I know, how about the effects that sleep has on fighting sleepiness.  Or better yet, heh…I want someone to give me money to study the effects of getting wet by standing in the rain.  Yeah, that’s the one.  I want to see if I get wet if I stand in a rainstorm.  I  think I could pull that one off fairly easily.  Or, I’m sorry, I should say it would take countless tries to make sure I get the experiment right.  I’d have to travel to different parts of the world just to make sure that I’m just as wet in Scottland as I am in Ireland, or that I get just as wet standing in New York as I would in Texas.
Anyhwo, here’s the story over at CBS that started me on this rant…

(CBS) It’s no secret that exercise helps fight obesity. And now there’s research suggesting that working up a sweat can help keep the pounds off even if you’re saddled with what some call the “obesity gene.”

The scientists behind the eye-opening research say their findings may help dispel the notion among many heavy people that their weight problem is completely beyond their control.

“Our findings are highly relevant to public health,” the authors of the study said in a written statement. “They emphasize that physical activity is an effective way of controlling body weight, particularly in individuals with a genetic predisposition towards obesity.”



~ by Normanomicon on November 2, 2011.

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