A request

Hey all, some of you may have gotten here because of a search engine, some by way of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and some may have even come here from the Freshly Pressed portion of WordPress.

Well, I’ve got a request.  Please.

I’m seeing the site stats and not quite sure where the visitors are coming from within WordPress usually.  I mean, I can see that they came from a specific tag, but not if they came from Freshly Pressed.  So if you could do me a favor please?  If you saw my site on Freshly Pressed, I’d really appreciate a screen shot of it.  It’d be nice to know that I’ve shown up on there at least once in my year and a half (going on two) of using WordPress.  I mean, I know there are much better blogs out there and there are definitely better deserving ones to be there, but I’d like to know.  You know?


~ by Normanomicon on November 3, 2011.

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