Steady Steady Stand 200 (via GottaBeMobile)

The Steady Steady Stand is a great idea, especially for bloggers.  I’ve seen similar items like it but those items are more of a stationary thing and aren’t really that easy to carry around.

That’s where this one does better over the others, it’s easily transportable with it’s own ‘wallet’ which acts also as a diffuser for lights.

It’s got several ‘attatchments’ to it and it looks like it’d do a fantastic job.  It’s definitely something I’d be interested in, but can’t really justify the cash to spring for it right now.  Even at the $50.00 price point.

But hey, if anyone knows anyone over at Modahaus maybe they can hook me up with one for a review.  As a matter of fact, I’d be interested in any of their products to do a review on.

Steady Steady Stand 200 via GottaBeMobile:

There are now several apps for Android and iPhone that turn the camera into a scanner, complete with OCR. However, to get the best results the camera needs to stay steady, which is hard to do holding the phone in your hand. A tripod will work, but then you need a lot of accoutrements and set up time. You need something simple, easy, and fast.

Along comes the Steady Stand 200 from Modahaus. This plastic stand holds a camera steady about 8 inches above a flat surface so you can easily snap images of documents or any other small object that fits within range.

The white plastic also helps diffuse light. Plus, there are many accessories that will help you create great still shots even if your camera isn’t top of the line.


~ by Normanomicon on December 5, 2011.

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