Kabobs for dinner – Chicken and Armadillo eggs…

Yup, you read it right, chicken and armadillo eggs.  BUT, the chicken wasn’t just chicken and the armadillo eggs weren’t really armadillo.

The chicken was…well, I’ll get to that in a bit.

I had picked up a new book from the Kindle store called Texas Backyard BBQ: Grilling, Smoking & Southern Cooking by Celeste Wilson.

I saw quite a few recipes that I wanted to try in it and decided on two that sounded quick, easy and delicious.

They were Armadillo eggs and Ginger Soy Chicken Kabobs.  I called the wife and said that I’d take care of dinner tonight.  I headed on down to the market and picked up a few things.  $100 later (chicken, pork ribs, bacon, fresh veggies and spices) and I was in business.  BUT, as always I forgot a few things and ended up having to improvise during the prep and then go back after dinner to pick up additional stuff for cleanup.

Anywho, I’ll start with the Ginger Soy Chicken Kabobs.

It called for chicken, yellow and red bell peppers, ginger, garlic, honey (or maple syrup), olive oil and soy sauce.  I thought we had soy sauce but didn’t so I had to improvise there.  I used red wine a dash of vinegar and some salt to make up for the soy sauce.  It didn’t taste the same but it had a great flavor none the less.  And instead of the honey (forgot we didn’t have any, need to talk to my father in law to get more, he’s a bee keeper) I used King syrup, hey, it called for honey OR maple syrup, so King syrup it was.

I don’t know exactly what the rules are for posting recipes I found in a cook book, so I’m not going to do it publicly, but if you are interested in any of these recipes, let me know and I’ll let you borrow the book.

They tasted absolutely great, very flavorful and the chicken and veggies on the kabob just worked.  Overall, the color was great with the presentation of it on the plate.

Both my wife and son loved it and with the amount that I made, we definitely have enough for leftovers for at least one more dinner.

We started the dinner though with Armadillo eggs.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, armadillo’s don’t lay eggs…nope, they don’t, but you’ll see why they’re called that in a minute here.

The Armadillo eggs are jalapeño peppers, ground fresh sausage, cream cheese and bacon.  I do have ground sausage (we just butchered) but it was frozen, so I had some ground beef that was already cooked so I used that instead.

When grilled, they look like something that an armadillo egg would look like if they did lay eggs.

They were delicious, flavorful and addicting.  The mix of pork, beef and peppers just went great together.  AND best of all, they were fairly easy to make.

And as an added bonus for my son, we made waffle fries.  🙂

I do want to notate a few things here.  A few tips if you will.

If you like spicy, don’t fret too much about getting all of the seeds out of the peppers when you make the armadillo eggs.  It gives it a good zing to it.  BUT, PLEASE get all and I do mean ALL of the seeds out of the peppers if you or someone who will be eating them don’t like spicy.  Even just one or two seeds left will create a burst of spicy in your mouth.  That’s fine for me and sometimes for my son, but my wife had to brush her teeth to get the heat out before she could enjoy anything else.

With the chicken, you definitely want to marinate it longer than 20 or 30 minutes.  It sill tasted great, but to have it marinated over night, or even for at least four hours would have made the meat taste all that much better.

While grilling kabobs, it would have definitely been easier and come out better (I think anyhow) if I had a kabob rack for the grill such as one of these:

Another thing that you will want to consider when grilling kabobs is to either use bamboo kabob skewers or some sort of metal ones (preferably stainless steel).  If you do use bamboo ones, PLEASE make sure you soak them for an absolute minimum of 20 minutes, preferably longer.  If not, you’ll end up with individual pieces of meat and/or peppers with sticks in them.

And as with all things that you’re grilling, make sure you keep an eye on them, the peppers and the vegetables can burn quick if you’re not careful.  The chicken is one thing that you’re going to want to be careful with, eating a rare steak isn’t all that bad, but eating a rare piece of chicken can be really bad.

So, any tips on doing kabobs on the grille?

How about a recipe or tow of your own?

Let me know in the comments.

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