Maximum Peppers

After the wonderful results and flavor I got from the armadillo eggs on Thursday, we decided to go ahead and use the peppers we had left over to make more.  Only we improved on them.  So I call them Maximum Peppers.

We started with the ground beef and cream cheese mix as before but this time, we added a southwest flavoring mix, shredded colby jack cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese.

We used the jalapeños as before, but we also used something that was called a sweet hot pepper.  Not sure exactly what they are, but they’re very nice for stuffing.  We seeded them as before, but instead of cutting the peppers in half, we used a slice out of them, leaving just a small opening in the pepper while still keeping it overall whole.

Excuse the crude drawing, but this is what the cut looked like.

They were stuffed, then wrapped in a whole slice of bacon, not half.  The large sweet hot reds we used two slices of bacon.  We did the cuts on the sweet hots the same as the jalapeños.

They were then grilled to absolute perfection, I used a grilling basket for the large reds and a grilling plate for the jalapeños.  I grilled them till the bacon was almost crispy as I personally like my bacon a little on the meaty/chewy side.  I did make a few of them nice and crunchy as that’s the way Sherry likes her bacon.

Overall, they turned out scrumptious and they were very easy to make.  I think the harder part of the whole process is the seeding of the peppers.

The red peppers before they were grilled:

The jalapeños before they were grilled:

The basket that was used is on the left and the grill plate is on the right:

The reasons behind using a grill basket and a grill plate instead of just placing them directly on the grill is that when I placed the others directly on the grill they tended to stick to the grate.  Using the plate and the basket and a very liberal amount of cooking spray, they were easy to turn and definitely didn’t stick to either the basket or the plate.  The basket made it absolutely childlike simple to turn.  I think they actually turned out better this way, no fuss, no muss.

You saw the finished sweet hot reds up top and now here’s the jalapeños after they’ve been finished:

We added some fresh guacamole (VERY fresh), some salsa and a few chips and we had a really decent dinner.  I even had enough left over to take to work today for lunch.

Let me know if you’ve had something similar or if there’s a way you think it may work out better in the comments.


~ by Normanomicon on March 13, 2012.

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