5 Minute uses – pill bottle ear bud holder

I’m starting a new little section here at the Normanomicon called 5 minute uses. These will be quick little tips for things that you may have laying around the house and are looking for something to do with them.  It’s more for the things that you’d normally either recycle or throw away.  So I guess you could say that I’m providing you a green solution.  🙂

If you’re like me, you’ve had a few pairs of ear buds.  If you’re like me, you’ve also had quite a few times where you went bananas trying to untangle them every time you wanted to use them.  Well, in my untangling rage nightmare state I realized that I don’t have to spend money on one of those cord wraps, or cut down and use paper towel or toilet paper rolls, or even cut down an old credit card.  I’ve got something that will work perfectly to help keep my ear buds tangle free.

It’s a medicine bottle.  I’m willing to bet that almost everyone has a pill bottle laying around some where.  I’m lucky enough to have a few from a pharmacy that uses easy peel off labels.  I asked if there was a way to recycle them other than just throwing them in the recycle bin and the pharmacist said that they don’t take them back, it’s against their policy.  I can sort of understand that, but hey whatever.

So I peeled the label off of one, stuffed the cord and yup, it works.  It keeps it safe, water resistant and tangle free.  I’m thinking it’s along the same line physics wise as that of when you’re packing rope for climbing.  first in, last out so to speak.  As you just stuff the cord in, it falls and lays at just that certain pattern that it won’t cross or create a knot.  This makes it so much easier when pulling it out a little at a time or all at once that it doesn’t really mix enough to create that ever frustrating tangle of wire that you want to take a pair of scissors to.

Thinking about this, bottle solution brings up a few more ideas in my mind. You could drill a small hole at the bottom of the bottle and pull the plug end through for easy access and not having to take it completely out of the bottle.  Or put a hole in the lid as well as the bottom or side so that only the buds stick out after stuffing and makes it easy access to them.  But for me, just stuffing it inside works just fine.  It helps keep dirt and water out and if I put in a desiccant pack, would help keep moisture from ruining the ear buds.

Check out the slide show below for pictures.

It also lead me to think about what else pill bottles can be used for.  Well, I’ve got a decent list and will be posting these little 5 minute uses for every day things.

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