The Spidey Kite Chronicles – Day 1

We got our five year old a Spiderman kite a few weeks ago and since there was no wind till today, he didn’t really get to fly it.

We had a lot of great kite flying wind today so we went outside and tried it out.

I showed him how to get the kite in the air and he was doing fantastic. Until the inevitable Charlie Brown Kite Eating Tree reared it’s evil head.

Mitchell had the kite up probably 50 feet in the air and was doing great. Then all of a sudden the wind changed and the tree caught it. And worse yet, it’s darn near the top of the tree.

He had about 20 or so good minutes. And he was ecstatic. But I’ve got to give him credit. I don’t think he was as upset about his kite getting stuck as I was.

So here now we wait. Let’s see if, or when the tree decides to let Spidey out of its evil clutches.




~ by Normanomicon on March 26, 2012.

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