Verizon wireless to force you off iPhone unlimited plan

While visiting a local Apple store, I inquired about a refurbed iPhone 4S. I’m not really that interested in the 5 and I’d be happy upgrading to a 4S. They did say that the stores do not sell refurbs, I’d have to go online for that.

We started talking and it came up that I still had the unlimited data plan.

The Apple store rep then stated:
“You realize once the 5 comes out, if you want to keep the unlimited plan, you’ll have to buy the phone right out. Verizon is forcing people off the unlimited grandfathered plan when they upgrade with a subsidized phone.”

I looked into it and it’s true.

If you want to upgrade your phone, you will be forced off of the unlimited plan to a tiered plan.

So far as I can tell, this is only with Verizon. I haven’t been able to get a confirmation from AT&T on this either from an AT&T retail store or their customer service.

Here’s hoping they aren’t going to go the same route as Verizon.

~ by Normanomicon on August 23, 2012.

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