Zombies, Prepping and Gardening

After reading an article entitled “How to eat local during the Zombie Apocalypse” over at grist.com, I thought, hmm, I know someone who sort of fits this profile.  Sort of…

Friends would wander into my basement and gasp. They snickered. They questioned my sanity. Lined up against three walls, the heavy-duty steel shelves packed with jars of home-canned food looked like the contents of a fallout shelter. Or the home of a hoarder. “What do you do with all this food?” and “I see you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse!”

Now, no, they don’t exactly can, but they do have a large amount of dry goods, some canned items, a lot of freezer food, etc.  But that’s out of necessity, not necessarily out of ‘prepping’.

They are extremely good at finding deals.  And when you have a family as large and as ‘hungry’ as they are, (husband eats like a horse and can’t gain weight, I really do hate him for that), boys are growing and have fantastic appetites, etc, it just pays to be able to buy in bulk.  Or better yet, it pays to be able to find fantastic deals and stock up instead of paying 3-5 times what you probably should have to.

My wife does some preserving, (definitely not a lot, it’s more of a what do we do with all these veggies type thing), but it’s no where near what we should be doing.  It’s always said that you should have at least 3 months worth of food and money in case something happens.  You know, like loosing your job, economy takes a down turn, zombies, aliens, etc…etc…

We do have a garden and I don’t do as much as I should to help with that, but I need to get better at it.  We started with a small tomato garden that was left by the previous landowner and just sort of grew it.  We could have enough veggies and fruit that we could definitely can till our hearts content.  I wouldn’t mind it.  I’d actually prefer it.

But it’s that lazy part of me that needs to some day SOON get beat to a pulp and pushed down so that I can get into doing things that need to be done.

All that being said, prepping for a zombie apocalypse or the eventual takeover by evil robot overlords, or the crazy alien invasion, etc… isn’t exactly crazy.  It could give you a few extra days that you can take in case of an emergency, or give you an extra week or two in trying to find a job that you may need.

If you look around on the web or even just Google “Prepping”, you’ll find TONS and TONS of both useful and BS information.  The hard part is trying to figure out what the best course of action is and start from there.

I will caution you though.  Depending on what sites you visit, and what information you’ll listen to, once you start down that dark path, forever will it consume you.  Get sucked in and you’ll be wondering where the alien craft will land and how they’re going to suck out your insides with a crazy straw.

But outside of those that wear the wookie suit, there is a great deal of information to sift through, some of it good, some of it junk, but at least you’re starting in the right direction to be able to take care of yourself and family in case something (anything) happens.

~ by Normanomicon on November 7, 2014.

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  1. Getting good deals on bulk items for a large family, is very practical and keeps extra food around in case of small emergencies like a nasty storm, or larger emergencies, like ebola mixing it’s DNA with the common cold.

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