Who remembers the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’?

I remember in the 70’s growing up there were a few shows that I loved.  One of those shows was the Six Million Dollar Man.


It was great, it was one of the first tv shows that I can remember that introduced the concept of ‘cybernetics’.  At least back then, it was called bionics and it brought all kinds of thoughts of futuristic wow to my world.  I’d already known about robots (from Dr Who) so it was kind of cool how they took that concept and rolled it into one show that was totally new and fantastic.

Looking back on it now, the effects were…interesting.  When they would show him using his ‘bionics’ there would always be this “wah wah wah wah” type noise.  Those of you who remember the show know what I’m talking about.  And those that don’t, well…

Anywho, I watched it as much as I could and loved it.  I even had a couple of the $6MDM action figures and play sets.  I remember the Steve Austin figure had this eye that you could look through and it was like a magnifying glass, you were supposed to be able to see like you were looking through binoculars, brought things up close.  Then he had the ‘kung fu grip’ style hands, and there were even figures of Oscar Goldman and the Sasquatch robot and the ‘double’ Steve Austin which came from one of the shows that had robots take the place of people.  The robot I remember had a face that came off to reveal the inner workings as well as a few other removable parts (arms and hands I think).

Either way, it was one of my favorites.  Then later on the Bionic Woman came to the scene.  I started watching that, but couldn’t get into it as much, but still watched.

Flash forward quite a few years where they made another one where his and The Bionic Woman’s son becomes bionic, and even came out with a new Bionic Woman in 2007.  That show was ok, but I don’t know, it sort of worked, didn’t work…


Well, looks like the networks are at it again as they are looking to do a new $6 Million Dollar Man, only this time it’ll be a movie, not a TV series and will potentially star Mark Wahlberg as Steve Austin.  Peter Berg will be directing and if you’ve seen the latest Call Of Duty commercial, you’ve seen his work.

Nerd Bastards reported this and some of what they had to say was this:

Now, I’m sorry, but no.  Just NO.  I don’t want this to be a comedy just like when 21 Jump street was ruined when they made that a comedy. This show is NOT a comedy.  It’s not supposed to be a comedy.  It’s supposed to be a sci-fi drama/thriller.

I’m begging anyone and everyone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t make this into a comedy.  Yes, it had some funny moments, it had it’s share of little comedic interludes, but overall this was a serious action flick.  It was fun, it was fantastic, it was wonderful, it made my days as a child better overall.  I even went as Steve Austin once or twice for Halloween.  Please I’m begging you:


Now I don’t know if they’re actually going to make it a comedy or not, but I hope they at least attempt to do right by the original.  I’m not asking to have them cameo anyone from the old shows, but the least they could do would be to give a hat tip or two.  The way some other shows have done for their forerunners.

Originally seen over at Nerd Bastards, visit them, check them out, they’re pretty cool…


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  1. Right on, leave it pure, leave it be, it csn never be done again. I had a coue six mil dollar mans. My brother ran over one with the lawn mower. I got an ‘extra arm pack’ for mine. It had several teplacement arms thay did different stuff. Remember how you could roll the skin up and see the bionics?

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