bLAcK fRIdaY…the movie…

Yeah, I’m not a huge black Friday shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that you could get a brand new iPad NOW (or whatever they’re calling it) for an extra $10.00 off, but really?  No, I’d rather wait and either do my shopping online or later down the road.  Heck, I have half my shopping done usually by around August.

Anyhow, this ‘trailer’ sort of shows what it sometimes feels like.  Especially at the midnight madness sales, etc.  It’s a bit exaggerated (yeah, a LOT exaggerated) but I have seen some chaos in the past.  The last few years a friend of mine and I have gone out to the Midnight Madness events around the local area just to look and watch the psychos show up and push and shove and wait in 3 hour lines to get an extra $5.00 off of a ‘Coach’ handbag that they stood in line for 2 hours for.  Then, when the doors open ad midnight, they RUSH the aisles and make it look like the zombie apocalypse has started and they’re all trying to get that last zombie killer gun.

This isn’t what Christmas is about.  This isn’t what the holidays are about.  This is just another way that some in society has turned Christmas into.


Oh, and check out some of the other Nacho Punch videos, some of them are kind of funny.

~ by Normanomicon on November 25, 2014.

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