Annoying short links

Ever go down through your news feed at work and click on a link of something you’re interested in only to find it’s been blocked due to URL shorteners being blocked for security reasons?

Or maybe you’re one of the more security conscious out there and are afraid to click on ‘blind links’.

Well, be afraid no more.  You used to have to track down the service that shortened the link and see if they have a decoder for it.  Or put the link into Google and see if that can do it for you.  There’s a new site in town and it’s called Unshorten.  Unshorten will take any short link you give it and tell you where it actually goes.  I like it, I use it and I recommend it.  It takes some of the guess work out of where your going and it also allows you to see a valid work related site even though you can’t get to it originally with the ‘shortened’ URL.

Take a look and let’s hear what you think.

unshortWhat is let you unshorten any URL created using URL shortening services.

Currently, there are too many URL shortening services, such as (Twitter),, TinyURL, Google, Facebok,, and other. provides a single place to unshorten all those URLs.


~ by Normanomicon on December 3, 2014.

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