Is that a Cell Phone in your pocket?

Trigger warning…(pun intended)…This post is about…GUNS…

Now that the politically correct BS is out of the way.

I came across this actually some time ago, but it popped back up in my feed again today.  it’s a ‘derringer’, or pocket gun that holds two .380 rounds.  Fits in your pocket, purse, ‘fanny pack’, boot, just about anywhere, even on your hip and unless someone’s aware of what it actually is, or have seen one before they won’t know what it is.  In fact, they’ll probably think it’s a cell phone.  Now at this point, I’m going to ask you that if you do leave comments down below, please be civil.  I know the arguments that people are going to want to start with this.  “Why do they have to make it look like a cell phone”, etc… etc… etc… Well, I’ve heard tons of things similar to that and those posts will be deleted right out.  If you’re going to make an argument and do it intelligently, then yes, I’ll leave those comments there.


It’s called the Ideal Conceal Cell Phone in .380.  It’s actually quite awesome and despite the near $600 price tag I still want one.  Yes, I said near $600 price tag as opposed to around $100 for a standard .380 two shot derringer.  Which, yes, I want one of those as well.  Just haven’t gotten around to picking one up yet.

Either way, take a look at the review that TFB TV did on it over on YouTube…

In this episode of TFBTV, James looks at “The Cell Phone Gun”, a.k.a. the Ideal Conceal .380 Derringer Pistol. Designed to be discreet, slim, and easy to carry for EDC and deploy quickly, the Ideal Conceal is certainly an unorthodox and novel carry option. But how does it shoot? James Reeves tells you today.

Again, I’m definitely interested in picking one up but it’s hard to justify the price tag when I could get an ‘off brand’ 1911 and a double barreled .380 derringer for around the same price.  But, Ideal Conceal, if you’re reading this and would like another review of the IC.380, or just want to hook a guy up, please get in touch with me and we can work something out.  in return for an honest layman’s review

If you’re interested in picking one up or taking a hands on look at one, head on over to one of these two fine establishments in the Harrisburg area:


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