Keep Your Left Shoe Next to Your Baby’s Car Seat ?


Your left shoe…

Or as some other posts would read keep something important in the back seat…like your cell phone…really???   REALLY???

If you’re that stupid that you forget you have a child in the back seat, no matter what your reasons, you’re too fricking stupid to reproduce or to be allowed to have a child or even have a car.  If you’re that “distracted” you shouldn’t be driving.

I don’t care if you only drive your child to school once a year, or have your child with you once a month when you’re doing things.  You NEVER forget your child.  It’s like saying, hmm, I know I left something back there…phone, nope got that…keys, nope locked the door with them…wallet?  Nope got that cause I need to pay…oh well, I’ll remember…   Queue sirens an hour later…Oh, now I remember I forgot my kid in the back seat on a 102 degree day…windows up… wasn’t important enough to remember them.

BULLSHIT.  There’s absolutely NO reason for anyone to forget their child in the backseat of a car.  I don’t care what some PhD psychologist or whatever they are say, there’s NO reason to FORGET THEY HAVE A CHILD.  The should be charged with everything in the book and thrown to the wolves.

Sorry, things like this just get my blood boiling.  I’ve been plenty distracted, plenty busy and never, not even once have I forgotten that I had a child in my car.  Neither has my wife.  And that’s from day one.  Either way, take a look at these posts that got my blood boiling and let me know what you think down in the comments…

Keep your left shoe next to your baby’s car seat via Lifehacker Offspring

Accidentally leaving a child in a hot car is a tragic mistake that anyone could make. Blame our faulty brains, among other things. (And if you haven’t read Gene Weingarten’s 2009 Washington Post story on hot car deaths, make a point to do so—it’s masterful.)

Anyone can forget a child in a hot car even you via Lifehacker

We’ve all seen the gut-wrenching headline: “Child dies after overheating in car.” And it’s likely, as parents ourselves or not, we’ve all had some negative reaction to this type of news and wondered how could a caregiver of any sort forget that a child was still buckled into the back of the car and just leave them there?


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