Books I Recommend / Books In My Library

I’ve decided to change the title of this page to Books I recommend / Books In My Library.  The reason behind this is I’m starting to increase the amount of books I own without being able to either start or finnish several of them and I really don’t want to hold off on reccomending them before I finish reading at least half way through them.

Either way, I’ll indicate if they’re in my “Library” or “Recommended” list.

Oh, and if you decide to purchase any of these, do me a favor and follow my links (I’m part of the Amazon Associates program).

Thanks and happy reading…

Recommended Reading

Larry Correia – Monster Hunter International

Larry Correia – Monster Hunter Vendetta

Chuck SambucinoHow to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

Neal Stephenson – Anathem

George Carlin – Last Words

Richard K. Morgan – Altered Carbon

MEE – Hyper Police series

Akimine Kmijyo – Samurai Deeper Kyo series

Seth Grahame-Smith – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Mira Grant – Feed (Newsflesh, Book 1)

Jonathan Alter – Between the Lines

Frank Annis – Damned By Blood

Gerd Gigerenzer – Gut Feelings The Intelligence of the Unconscious

Yvonne Carts-Powell – The Science of Heroes

Carol Plum-Ucci – Streams of Babel

James Bamford – The Shadow Factory

William B Scott, Michael J Coumatos, William J Birnes – Counter Space

Glenn Beck – Common Sense

Thomas Paine – Common Sense (with intro by Diana Gabaldon)

Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol

U.S.News & World Report Secrets of the Lost Symbol

Michio Kaku – Physics Of The Impossible

A. Lee Martinez – Monster

Stephen G. Michaud, Debbie M. Price – The Devil’s Right-Hand Man: The True Story of Serial Killer Robert Charles Browne

James Kakalios – The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition

Alice Calaprice – The Einstein Almanac

Stephen King – Under The Dome

Joe Schreiber – Star Wars: Death Troopers

J.C. Hutchins – Peronal Effects: Dark Art

John Farris – High Bloods

Max Brooks – The Zombie Survival Guide

John Joseph Adams – Wastelands

John Joseph Adams – The Living Dead

Decker and Eberl – Star Wars and Philosophy

Audio Books

Scott Sigler – The Crypt

J.C. Hutchins – 7th Son Decent

Mur Lafferty – Heaven

Christof Laputka – Leviathan Chronicles

I’m also reading several books on the iPhone Kindle app.  I’ll be adding those later.

Books In My Library

12 Responses to “Books I Recommend / Books In My Library”

  1. How’s Under the Dome?

  2. So far so good, I’m only a few chapters into it. Got sucked into a few others and have been short on time for reading. But I think it’s going to be REALLY good. It’s definitely King.

  3. Must. Stay. Off. Amazon. (I’m in school and don’t dare read anything but school stuff.) Drat drat drat. Come June 17th, though…w00t!

  4. […] can check out my full list of Books that I recommend over on my ‘Books I Recommend’ page. 40.365071 […]

  5. […] Also, I’ll be updating my book list with these, so if you can’t find this post, you can … 40.365071 -76.745195 […]

  6. Check out David Shields’ Reality Hunger. Very interesting.

  7. Be sure to read my book “Tamarindo” It Should be out in December.

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