Leave me a message, drop your name or whatever, just hit the comment and do your stuff.


8 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Hey, nice page Norm!!!!

  2. Nice Blog, real classy look to it! I’ll be watching it. Stay Safe & Stay Alert my friend!

  3. Hey dude, great blog!

    ~James G

  4. How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

    • Usually, a small leprechaun pops out of the cupboard and throws me a Guinness with a message attached. 🙂

      Actually, I just blog about stuff I find interesting, funny, stupid, whatever comes to mind. Kind of like the leprechaun with the Guinness bottle. 🙂

  5. Norm- Was checking out your website, and saw that you were
    looking for interesting items which you could write an article
    about. Might I suggest attending an Appleseed event, and writing
    about your experiences? If you aren’t familiar with Project
    Appleseed, please take a moment to check out our website: We hold events all over the country, so no
    matter where you happen to live, there should be an event within at
    most a 2-4 hour drive.

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