Do they even teach drivers ed anymore?

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Ok, this is one of my all time traffic law pet peeves. I’m entering the interstate and on the onramp before even hitting the ‘get up to speed’ area and I get cut off by someone that is entering the on ramp from another direction. Here’s the thing though. THEY have a yield sign plain as day and not obstructed. Then I get the horn blared at me and the ‘bird’ from a young driver that’s on the phone.

Last I checked they were breaking two traffic laws at least. Driving while distracted (on the phone) and not yielding right of way.

For those that don’t know, here’s the definition of the yield sign from Yield

Yield means let other road users go first. A yield sign assigns the right-of-way to traffic in certain intersections. If you see a yield sign ahead, be prepared to let other drivers crossing your road take the right-of-way. And don’t forget about bicycles and pedestrians!

Im telling you either people are stupid, can’t read or are just plain ignorant…or all of the above. Anyhow, let’s try and stay safe out there and how about showing a little courtesy.

Here’s How To Get Free French Fries From McDonald’s For The Rest Of 2018

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via Here’s How To Get Free French Fries From McDonald’s For The Rest Of 2018


Hey, found a BroBible page on how to get not only free fries, but also Throwback Thursday stuff today.  I’ts apparently Global McDelivery Day.  So to celebrate it they’re giving swag away, t-shirts, bandanas, etc.

Basically for free fries on Fridays, you’ll need to download an app, buy something for at least $1.00 and then get free fries.

Make a $5.00 or more purchase online and you’ll qualify for the free swag.

Head on over to BroBible to check out the full story and details.

Want to get free fries every Friday for the rest of the year? There are some steps you’ll need to take in order to receive the awesome freebies.

McDonald’s is also giving away free 90s swag.


Is there life out there?

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The History channel is coming out with a new series called Project Blue Book this fall/winter. As soon as I hear that it reminded me of something that I remember watching as a child back in the 70’s. I thought it was also ufocalled Project Blue Book, but going through the internet, Google, IMDB, YouTube, the only thing that I can find that even closely resembles what I remember is Project UFO.

I watched Season 1, Episode 1 on YouTube and if you’re interested I’ve added it at the end of this post. It starred Caskey Swaim as Staff Sergeant Harry Fitz, Ed Winter as Captain Ben Ryan, Will Jordan as Major Jake Gatlin and a whole host of other actors and actresses that were big back in the day.

I think this was what I remember as a child, but it’s hard to say. So I’m just going to at this point say this was it. It’s got some of things that I remember in it, the two men in Air Force uniforms driving the generic Blue Air Force marked vehicle. I think it was a Dodge Diplomat, but can’t be sure. It sounds about right for the time. They would go around the country and investigate these sightings and attempt to debunk them. The pilot kind of looked like what I remember, but again, I can’t be sure. If anyone out there remembers this series, please let me know in the comments if Project UFO was what it was.

Anyhow, like I said The History Channel is bringing this series back to life but it feels a little like the original X Files show. It starts sometime this fall and stars Aidan Gillen of Game of Throne Fame and Neal McDonough from Arrow.



I’ts the story of real-life, U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena from 1947-70.

I think it’s going to be pretty decent from what I’ve seen so far. can’t wait to get a look at the first episode and I can make a better decision based off of that. But overall, I think it’s going to be good.

And if you want to do a little research and investigation yourself, head on over to the Blue Book Archive.

bba_splashThere’s currently around 56,000 pages online and it provides a modern interface to documents relating to the U.S. government’s investigation of UFO phenomena.

Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Project UFO S01E01 The Washington DC Incident

Magpull…for your eyes

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When you think Magpull, what do you think of?

For me, it was always the PMAG rifle magazine.

MAG233 1600x1600 BLK

Well, they of course offer all sort of items on their site, magazines, grips, stocks, slings, sights, shirts, pants, gloves, phone cases, patches, bags and now, they have added a line of sunglasses to their inventory.


There’s three different styles to choose from with tons of color choices for the frames and lenses.  From their site:

They run either $139.00 or $149.00 and they do look sharp.  I do love me some sun glasses, but let me tell ya.  As bad as I am with them (and as many different pair that I have) spending anything over $20.00 for sunglasses is pretty much out of the question…unless I want to give my wife another reason to cash in on my insurance policy…

So, sadly, unless I win the lotto or someone is kind enough to donate a pair to me, looks like I won’t be getting any.

Either way, hit the links above and head on over to see everything they’ve got.  If you’ve got a pair and want to review them, shoot me a line and we’ll set something up.

Armed and Safe

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Hey all,

I know it’s been about three years since my last post but I figured it’s time to get back into it.  There’s been a ton of stuff going on in my life and have had ups and downs, but I need to find an outlet and figured that it’s a good a time as any to get back into blogging, vlogging, etc.  I may even end up doing some Twitch streaming, YouTubing, etc.

To start my foray back into blogging I figured I’d start off with what I know.  Here’s something that is a hot topic for me.  Getting pulled over while LEGALLY carrying a weapon.  In Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and a slew of other states, it is legal to carry a firearm on your person.  Most of the states that allow it require and/or offer a concealed carry permit/license of some form.  Some states require you take a class, some don’t.  A lot of the states that allow you to carry also honor states programs.  Please check your state for your laws.

Anyhow, this video is probably one of the absolute best on how to deal with getting pulled over while you are legally carrying a firearm.  In short, I do a modified version of this that goes something like this:

  • Get pulled over
  • Pull over, roll down driver window, turn on interior lights (at night), turn off exterior lights, shut engine off, place keys on dashboard, place hands at the 10 and 2 position
  • when officer/trooper comes to window, listen to what they say then inform them of concealed carry form and that I am currently carrying and where the weapon is
  • Follow directions from the officer/trooper to the letter
  • Be polite and courteous, ask questions for verification if not sure of the direction given
  • Slow steady movements, no jerking motions, no unnecessary movements
  • Thank officer
  • Continue on my way after incident

There’s really not that much difference from what is in the video, but again, it’s probably one of the best videos I’ve seen put together on getting pulled over.

Tell me what you think and if you’ve had any good/bad experiences getting pulled over below in the comments.  And thanks for coming back.

Also, if you’re interested, here’s a few links to some good resources regarding owning a firearm, concealed carry, states laws, etc.

KPop, now with more Stan Lee

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You have got to give credit to Stan the Man Lee.  This guys in print, radio, tv, movies, comics…and now in KPop.  And ya know, with the right glasses and hair stylist, my dad could be his double…Their mannerisms are even similar.

NerdBastards found a KPop video with him in it.  Head on over to check out the story…

Or go here to see the full video:

PA Leads the way

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In Bigfoot sightings for the year of 2014 according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers study.


Image Borrowed from

Over on iO9 there’s a post about PA and Washington leading the country in Bigfoot sightings according to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings report form online.

‘Tis the season for year-end stories wrapping up the cultural and political goings-on of 2014. So why not … “The Year in Bigfoot“?

CityLab went through the submissions sent to the admirably user-friendly website run by the nearly 100-year-old Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, crunching the numbers like leaves under suspiciously large, hairy feet.

The results, CityLab reports, are surprising:

The way I understand it, this is based only on the BFRO B/SSRFO. It’s an online form that can be filled out and submitted for investigators to take a look at it and try and track down the…Bigfoot/Sasquatch so that it can either be once and for all proven, or debunked.

I would have to say that out of everyone in the country that has seen or has thought they saw a BF you’d have to wonder why isn’t Oregon, or some of the other Northwestern states leading.  Well, this is only compiled from what has been submitted.  And it’s only for 2014, so if no one submitted them, it didn’t happen according to BRFO.  I personally think that Washington state has WAY more sightings than most people know about, but that’s just my opinion.

iO9 also has mention of Joshua Stevens map of bigfoot sightings and includes some map porn.  Interesting how it plays out depending on the density of population, where in the country it is and what the year is.  It seems as though it picked up, and is now starting to die down again.  Only time will tell what’s going to happen.


I personally feel that there ‘may’ be something like a bigfoot out there but not sure what it is or could be.  Some of the sightings could be a bear, some an ape maybe, a man in a suit, a woman in a suit or some of the pictures out there may be of me without a shirt one. (only people that know me personally will understand that one).  But either way, believe, don’t believe but at least have an open mind about it and don’t make fun of someone who has beliefs other than yours.

And head on over to the BFRO and check out their data. It may just make a believer out of you…

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