Are you ready for this?!?

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Ok, some of you may know Deadpool.  Some of you may know that Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor that portrays Deadpool.  At least so far in the Wolverine movie.

Well, did you know that Ryan got together with some people and made a Deadpool Trailer?  Sort of a proof of concept this would really work kind of thing?

If you didn’t know, you know now.  Here it is:

Now, I saw over on Nerd Bastards that “Uh… It’s Chimichanga Time”

You know what this means, right?
You guessed it, it means that Mr Reynolds is going to play Deadpool in a Fox movie of the same name with a 2016 release date…
Now, all we have to do is hope they don’t really screw this up and give it a hard R rating like it needs to be.

Yet another sign of the coming Zombie Apocalypse…

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Seen over at The Mary Sue…

2978178952_b26180322e_bThe University of Texas seems to have misplaced about 100 brains! Well, at least 100. My guess is that for 100 brains to just up and disappear, at least a few people had to be missing their brains in the first place.

Yup. Just the ol’ “actual human brain in a jar” prank. You know those wacky college students.

I couldn’t even imagine telling someone that their brains are just gone.  I mean, how do you even broach that subject?

It’s suspected that college students took them, but I personally think it’s Zombies.  Or a Zombie cult.  Or wait, I got it…


Or maybe it’s just a Walking Dead party favor…

Annoying short links

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Ever go down through your news feed at work and click on a link of something you’re interested in only to find it’s been blocked due to URL shorteners being blocked for security reasons?

Or maybe you’re one of the more security conscious out there and are afraid to click on ‘blind links’.

Well, be afraid no more.  You used to have to track down the service that shortened the link and see if they have a decoder for it.  Or put the link into Google and see if that can do it for you.  There’s a new site in town and it’s called Unshorten.  Unshorten will take any short link you give it and tell you where it actually goes.  I like it, I use it and I recommend it.  It takes some of the guess work out of where your going and it also allows you to see a valid work related site even though you can’t get to it originally with the ‘shortened’ URL.

Take a look and let’s hear what you think.

unshortWhat is let you unshorten any URL created using URL shortening services.

Currently, there are too many URL shortening services, such as (Twitter),, TinyURL, Google, Facebok,, and other. provides a single place to unshorten all those URLs.

Vaping, USB’s and your electronic security

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I read an article in Wired several months ago about the security of USB and why it’s fundamentally flawed.

“These problems can’t be patched,” says Nohl, who will join Lell in presenting the research at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. “We’re exploiting the very way that USB is designed.”

‘In this new way of thinking, you have to consider a USB infected and throw it away as soon as it touches a non-trusted computer.’
In there it also mentioned about other USB devices such as keyboards, mice and peripherals that have some kind of firmware (or can be modified to include said firmware) that are also susceptible to infecting with malware.
8a0f_usb_rocket_launcherI’ve seen people plug in some weird crap to their computers for the sake of either holiday decorations, or to play around (aka missile launcher from ThinkGeek ) or to charge their devices (tablet, reader, phone, hand warmer, coffee warmer, speaker, etc).  Some of the things I’ve seen plugged in are ‘decorations’ that someone found on one of those el-cheapo type web sites that offer bundles of things for like $10.00.  They’re made in China somewhere and you really have to wonder what exactly is happening when you’re plugging something like that in to your computer.  I mean come on, you do your banking on your computer, shopping, keep pictures and personal records (possibly even tax documents) there.  Do you really know what’s happening?
That includes using a USB hub.  Do you really honestly trust that USB dancing monkey hub that you got off of an online web site?
Either way, now you’ve got to worry about plugging in your new battery to charge it if you’re going to vape.  For those of you that don’t know, Vaping is using electronic ciggarettes.  It’s called vaping because the liquid is vaporized by the internal parts of the device, then inhaled.
The thing that got me starting to think about this again (not like I’m not always thinking about stuff like this) is this article over on about Vaping and USB/Computer security:

ecig-590x330While the health effects of vaping are currently a mystery, it seems the hobby might now have another negative side-effect. Reddit user Jrockilla posted a story to the often hilarious Tales From Tech Support subreddit about a security breach at an undisclosed large corporation. Reportedly, an execute had malware on his computer, the source of which could not be ascertained.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes usually come with a little USB charger — unscrew the battery (the shaft of the e-cig) from the e-liquid cartridge (the filter area of a traditional cigarette), screw it into the port on the charger, and plug the USB dongle into a power supply or USB port on a computer.

Head on over to Wired and to read the full stories

WIRED: Why the Security of USB is Fundamentally Broken Vaping Can Now Lead to Computer Virus

And if you want to pick up one of those Missile Launchers head over to ThinkGeek.

Some personal thoughts on the whole USB thing?

18mk506qxcz38jpgYes, this is going to make it extremely difficult for some businesses and be a royal pain for every day users.  Disable all USB ports for removable storage.  I can tell you now that you’re probably going to get a raft of crap from your kids. In the long run though, USB storage is starting to calm down a little bit and the cloud is becoming more popular.

There are many ways to do this either through a third party software, via a security policy through GPO or even taking care of it on the local system.  If you’ve only got a few boxes to do, I’d say do it locally, but if you’ve got more than 5 or so machines, go ahead and create a package and send it out to your devices remotely.

A few other ways are:

  • Treat your USB port like you would your daughter, don’t let anyone put their dongle in it.
  • Don’t trust foreign USB devices
  • If you let someone use your USB device, assume it’s not infected and get rid of it.
  • Don’t ‘lend’ your USB devices out.
  • Make sure you’re protecting your computer with some sort of anti virus software and/or security suite.

That’s pretty much about it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled day.

bLAcK fRIdaY…the movie…

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Yeah, I’m not a huge black Friday shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that you could get a brand new iPad NOW (or whatever they’re calling it) for an extra $10.00 off, but really?  No, I’d rather wait and either do my shopping online or later down the road.  Heck, I have half my shopping done usually by around August.

Anyhow, this ‘trailer’ sort of shows what it sometimes feels like.  Especially at the midnight madness sales, etc.  It’s a bit exaggerated (yeah, a LOT exaggerated) but I have seen some chaos in the past.  The last few years a friend of mine and I have gone out to the Midnight Madness events around the local area just to look and watch the psychos show up and push and shove and wait in 3 hour lines to get an extra $5.00 off of a ‘Coach’ handbag that they stood in line for 2 hours for.  Then, when the doors open ad midnight, they RUSH the aisles and make it look like the zombie apocalypse has started and they’re all trying to get that last zombie killer gun.

This isn’t what Christmas is about.  This isn’t what the holidays are about.  This is just another way that some in society has turned Christmas into.


Oh, and check out some of the other Nacho Punch videos, some of them are kind of funny.

Batclone or Cloneman?

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iO9 has this interesting article, something about being Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s gluteal photoshoot, Comics Should Be Good made “Break the Internet” or something or other.  Not really tracking the whole thing that started this, but out of the comics that I did see is the one below.  And thinking back on all of the comics, movies, TV shows, etc…this really makes sense…Including the last Batman movie.  It certainly explains how he get’s from the middle of a desert to Gotham in like less than a day…


The XFiles Returneth…

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Just found out from The Mary Sue, that Scully, Mulder and a few others are making a comeback as FuncoPop figures.

XFilesPop XFilesPop1

XFilesPop2 XFilesPop3

What’s that?  You don’t know what FuncoPop is?

They’re fun collectibles.  My son and I both have a few but looking at their page, I’m seeing that I need to start stepping up my game.  They’re got papercraft toys, bobble heads, 80’s style action figures, collectible action figures, keychains, regular funko pop figures…

The lines they have are called Pop vynil, Wacky Wobblers, Reaction figures, Pocket Pops keychains, Hikari, Mystery Minis, Legacy series, Vynils, and Fabrikations.

They cover all of your favorites (they have a license to use the product names) including: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Magic The Gathering, Disney, Despicable Me, NFL, Breaking Bad, DC Comics, Marvel, Transformers, American Horror Story, Attack on Titan, True Blood, Vikings, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Adventure Time, Buffy, Rocky Horror Show, Universal Monsters, Supernatural, Firefly, How To Train Your Dragon, Book of Life, Domo, Rgular Show, Star Trek TOS and TNG, Masters of The Universe, Sherman and Peabody, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sharknado, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Hell Raiser, Volcaloids, Scream, Haniibal (TV), Alien, Predator, Arrested Development, Big Trouble in Little Shina, XFiles, Fantastic Mr Fox, Sons of Anarchy, Bravest Warriors, Dragon Ball Z, Black Butlerm, T, Scarface, Childs Play, Big Lebowski, Boxtrolls, The Munsters, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Spongebob, TMNT, Anchorman, Godfather, The Crow, Lost in Space, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Judge Dredd, Alfred Hitchock, Sesame Street, Munchkin, SAW, Last Man Standing, Mars Attacks, Halloween, Goonies, Thundercats, Big Bang Theory, Hanna Barbera, Jupiter Ascending, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Fobidden Planet, Trick ‘r’ Treat, WWE

PHEW…that’s exhausting.

Take a look at a few of the things they have and head on over to find out where you can buy them…

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