A brief history of international space suits

I was mulling around the interwebs and came across this wonderful piece of space history.

Space.com has a great chart detailing the space suites over the years. I find the different types of suites and how they have evolved fascinating and wonder if/when we’re ever going to actually get to some of the more sci-fi style suites that are worn in some of todays movies.  Not all of them are that far fetched and I think it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing something like they had in Mission to Mars, or Red Planet.

Now, for your enjoyment:

Suit Suite: Comsmic Apparel by Space.com:

From International Orange to space-age silver, Astronauts’ spacesuits have a varied and colorful history. The United States has used at least eight distinct spacesuit models throughout its roughly 50 years of manned spaceflight. Meanwhile, Russia and China, the only other countries to independently launch humans to space, have each outfitted spaceflyers with their own custom-made suits. Take a look at spacesuit history in the detailed graphic.


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