Yeah, let’s blame technology…

Ok, yes, I agree that the Apple iPhone single alarm thing is an issue.  But let’s face it.  If you spend half your paycheck every month on the phone bill?  Maybe you shouldn’t own one and SHOULD buy that $5.00 alarm clock.  Gee, wouldn’t it make sense even if you made 10 times what this chick was making to have at least 1 ALARM CLOCK in the house?  NEVER NEVER NEVER  rely on one single item or alarm to wake you.  Not to mention the fact that it was all over the place about the issue.

Besides, if it was her first time being ‘tardy’ as it’s put, I think they would have kept her around.  Notice how she ‘sidestepped’ the question when it came to it:

Garvey sidestepped questions about whether her tardiness was an isolated incident. She said after paying $300 for her iPhone in September 2009, and $100 each month on her contract, she blames the phone – not Foundry – for her lack of employment.

And as far as the management commenting on her?  They could be sued if they stated anything negative about her as it’s illegal to give negative comments about a former employee to future employees.  (I think it’s illegal anyhow, I could be wrong).  And let me tell you, I’m sure TONS of future employees are looking at this article right now.  Or have been, or will be.  Trust me, potential employers do ‘Google’ and Facebook you to see what’s going on.  Some even go to the extent of checking for Twitter and pulling up various other sites.

Either way, I think she should get a response back from Mr Jobs like this:

Ms Garvey,

While I do appreciate the fact that you are spending half your paycheck on both AT&T and Apple, the only thing I can offer is an apology that the single alarm didn’t go off.

The fact that you got fired was your own fault.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you arrive to work in a timely fashion.

Even before the iPhone was invented I’m sure you were saying the same thing about the alarm not working on your Nokia or BlackBerry. And your most likely history of being ‘tardy’ was the real reason you are now unemployed.

Again, thank you for spending your money on our products and I hope to keep you as a repeat customer in the near future.

PS if you are unable to purchase a new iPad this year, please make sure and check out our financing options.  I’m sure there’s something we can do to keep you in the family.

Either way, this is one of those cases of someone not taking responsibility for their own actions.

Thanks to SayUncle for point ing this out and head on over to the Boston Hearld to read all about it:

Lindsay Garvey, 28, says the widely reported glitch in the iPhone’s calendar software caused her to oversleep for her job as a server at a popular Somerville restaurant, Foundry on Elm. Garvey was promptly fired for “tardiness,” she said.

“If you had warned me about the glitch, I could have at least picked up a $5, battery-operated alarm clock that would have saved my job,” she wrote in an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs posted on the Huffington Post. “Now I’m unemployed in a time when jobs are not easily had, and I am short on my rent. So, Happy New Year to you, Mr. Jobs. I hope you remember to shoot me an e-mail next time there is any chance of a glitch. (Just a note, my iPhone bill payment will probably be late this month.)”

And don’t forget to watch the video as well:


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  1. Wow, is that ever ridiculous.

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