What can I say? Verizon sucks.

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I’ve had bad dealings with Verizon for years.  When I lived in an apartment, I had their land line service.  I paid for an unpublished number, paid for call waiting, caller ID, the whole nine yards.  I did NOT however have their long distance service.

Every month, I had to call and bring to their attention the fact that I was getting charged for stuff I was supposed to have but didn’t.  Every month, I had to let them know that I DID NOT subscribe to their long distance, nor was I going to pay for it.  Every month, I had to call and complaign about the poor service, scratchy lines, bad customer service, etc.

When I had Verizon Wireless cellular service for a short period of time, I was never able to get a good signal no matter what the phone or location.  I constantly had to call about over charges, dropped calls, everything.  Even to this day, when I carry the on-call phone for work (Verizon service), I can’t rely on it as I don’t get a signal at my house, my parents house or relatives houses.

Every time, I’d let them know of the previous times I’d called including giving them incident numbers and I NEVER got even an apology letter from them.

Verizon just sucks.

I’ve had AT&T Wireless service now for YEARS and have very little to complain about other than the price.  Any time I call with a problem or billing issue, I ALWAYS get an answer and it’s always fixed on the first call.

I’ve got VOIP service for my land line and have absolutely 0 problems with it.  No calling every month to get it fixed, no overages, nothing.

Now, it appears that during the January snowstorm, Verizon dropped 10,000 emergency calls.  !! 10,000 EMERGENCY calls !! in Maryland.

Now, if you ask me, the FCC should be more than just alarmed.  They should be downright furious.  I could understand a few, even a hundred or two, but 10,000?

Can you hear me now?

Apparently not if you’re on Verizon.

Verizon dropped 10,000 emergency calls during January snowstorm via Engadget:

Uh oh, Verizon’s got itself into a bit of hot water with the old FCC. An outage during a snowstorm last month has reportedly resulted in a whopping 10,000 calls to 911 not being connected by the big red carrier. That would be bad enough in itself, but the less-than-pleased Communications Commission also notes that the emergency services that missed out on these calls were not alerted to the connectivity failure — in fact, Maryland’s Montgomery County officers were the ones to inform Verizon of the fault it was having, which was then promptly repaired within 15 minutes.


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  1. I’ve never heard a kind word spoken about Verizon or T-Mobile. How Verizon is so fing huge is beyond me. Maybe this FCC business will spur them to suck just a little less. Thanks for bringing this up. I’m interested to see how it shakes.

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